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Highly capable, experienced and organized Senior Producer with 20+ years professional experience in the software and game development industries providing the creative vision for bringing successful products to market for such companies as BreakAway, RealNetworks, Monolith Productions, GT Interactive, 3D Realms, and Microsoft.


Focused performer whose over-riding goal is driving product development cycles that achieve the cost-effective production of compelling and entertaining products.




·                        22+ years of experience developing consumer and commercial software products

·                        14 years of project and personnel management

·                        Managing teams of 20+ people

·                        Managing internal and external projects

·                        Managing multiple simultaneous projects

·                        Defining Projects and Schedules for both internal and external customers

·                        Extensive technical experience

·                        Development for PC, mobile and embedded systems

·                        Software and hardware development

·                        Mentoring approach to team management


Game Creation Experience


RTS, RPG, Action, Casual, Platformer, FPS




CIA/Counter Operations October, 2009 - Present                                             GeekSquad


Manage the day-to-day operations of the Geek Squad in a very busy location. Duties include communicating with clients, fixing computers, managing work flow, shipping/receiving, and tracking progress.



BreakAway, Ltd (August, 2007 – September, 2008)


Recruited to be responsible for the development of serious games development team producing  product and tools for RTS simulation and training.  Oversaw all aspects of product creation and development, project scheduling, product quality and final delivery.


mosbe is an RTS creation kit that includes tools to create a data-driven world for training and simulation.  It is used for both military and Homeland security customers.  www.mosbe.com  www.incidentcommander.com



RealNetworks/GameHouse (October, 2005 – January, 2007)


Responsible for the US production of games for mobile devices, including all aspects of product creation/development, testing, project scheduling, product quality and final delivery to carriers.


§  Developed an online-based system to expedite and control the shipping of games on hundreds of mobile phone handsets.  This system resulted in greatly improved productivity and project tracking.

§  Communicated project status, schedule and resource needs to management.

§  Managed internal and external development teams, and worked collaboratively with a parallel team based in Finland.

§  Managed 7 people internally.

§  Four (and sometimes more) simultaneous projects.

§  All projects were on BREW and J2ME phones.  Code also compiled to Windows EXE and Java.



Artspawn Studios (2002 – October, 2005)


Responsible for designing and managing all technology, business and web site functions for this community-based art studio, gallery and education facility.



Conexant Systems (July, 1999 – May, 2002)


Responsible for managing a development team of 16 engineers, 5 QA, managers and contractors.  Total of 22 reports.


§  Provided project leadership on 5 major projects simultaneously, including the Imaging Software project for Conexant.

§  Managed external customers such as HP, Compaq, and Samsung.

§  PC applications and drivers.

§  Embedded system development including hardware and software.

§  Developed to customer needs.



Monolith Productions (June, 1996 – June, 1999)


Recruited to be responsible for developing a wide array of finished games, managing external game developers, and directing budget, scheduling, delivery and product quality functions.


§  Established feature priorities and schedules and communicated features to marketing in anticipation of introduction/launch.

§  Signed off on project milestones from the external development talent and worked with the publisher to determine additional features and resolve bugs.

§  Negotiated contracts and monitored contract work quality, quantity, and timeliness.



Microsoft (August, 1987 – April, 1996)


Directed efforts on a number of startup projects in the Consumer Appliances Group, including writing new product technical specs, researching and resolving technical issues, and developing product business cases in conjunction with Product Management.


§  (1992 – 1996)     Program Manager, Home Networks: Managed an Energy Trial between PG&E, TCI and Microsoft.

§  (1990 – 1992)     Technical Marketing Evangelist, Multimedia Systems Group: Coordinated and ran a 2-day technical track of the Developer’s Conference for the Multimedia Extensions. Coordinated and ran a beta-test of Video for Windows.


§  (1989 - 1990)      Developer, Multimedia Systems Group: Technical contact with IBM on multimedia projects.  Created specifications and implementation plans for API for DSP on PC.  Developer on multimedia extensions to Windows 3.0

§  (1987 – 1989)     Developer, CD-ROM Division.:  Wrote and maintained data creation tools and processing for CD-ROM based titles. Worked on Microsoft’s first CD-ROM product: Bookshelf.  Worked with external company (Dupont) to develop specifications for online document management system.  This work grew into the Windows Help system.



(1981 – 1987)


Developer, computer sales and installations, small business owner






BS in Business Administration with emphasis in Project Management.

City University, Seattle, WA


3 Years of a BS in Computer Science.  Stopped to run my own computer business.

Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL


Partial List: Game Credits


q  mosbe                                                        Producer                                               BreakAway, Ltd

q  mosbe JTCTRS                                           Producer                                               BreakAway, Ltd

q  Cake Mania Mobile                                      Producer                                               RealArcade Mobile

q  Seven Wonders Mobile                               Producer                                               RealArcade Mobile

q  Cribs Mobile                                               Producer                                               RealArcade Mobile

q  Exposed: Celeb Trivia                                Producer                                               RealArcade Mobile

q  The Apprentice Mobile                               Post Production Manager             RealArcade Mobile

q  Septerra Core                                            Producer                                               Monolith Productions

q  Odium                                                        Producer                                               Monolith Productions      

q  Rage of Mages 1 & 2                                  Producer                                               Monolith Productions      

q  LithTech                                                     Project Manager                         Monolith Productions      

q  Duke Nukem Kill-a-Ton                              Engineer                                                GT Interactive

q  Blood2: The chosen                                      Business Production                  GT Interactive

q  Blood                                                         Project Manager                         GT Interactive